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About The Founder – Drew Redding

Hello and welcome! I’m Drew Redding, coming to you from the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. By day, I work in the not so glamorous world of private equity. By night and on weekends, I trade those equities for engines, swapping finance for fuel as an ardent auto enthusiast.

Drew Redding Website About Page

When the world took an unexpected turn in 2020, I found an opportunity to shift gears and channel my lifelong passion for automobiles into a means of connection amidst global disconnection. Thus, was born.

What started as a simple pandemic project—a comprehensive vehicle guide blog—soon transformed into a bustling hub for car lovers, curious onlookers, and prospective buyers alike. LemonBin has become more than just a pit-stop on the information superhighway. It’s a community where I share expert car reviews, maintenance tips, comparison insights, and trending automotive news.

But LemonBin is more than just a platform. It’s a virtual garage where passionate individuals can gather, engage, and connect. Whether you’re navigating the winding road of car ownership or simply passing through, I’m here to ensure your journey is both educational and enjoyable.

But the journey of life isn’t all horsepower and high speeds. When I’m not behind the wheel or the desk, I’m cherishing my time as a devoted husband and father to two extraordinary children. They’re my compass, guiding me towards what truly matters: the love and joy shared with family.

So, whether you’re joining me on a climb towards the peak of financial investment, on the thrill of the open road, or in the cherished moments of family life, I’m glad you’re here. Buckle up—life can be a wild ride, but with every twist and turn, there’s beauty to be found.

Enjoy the journey!

Drew Redding