Top 7 Tractor Brands Sold in the United States

There are several popular tractor brands that collectively sell billions of dollars worth of tractors each year in the United States. Each brand has unique characteristics that they bring to the market and varying levels of dealership availability depending on your location.

Let’s take a look at the most popular tractor brands for farmers in the United States.

1. John Deere

John Deere tractor

John Deere is the largest farm machinery manufacturer in the world with $44 billion in sales in 2021. It is the most well-recognized brand in the United States with an especially strong reputation for durable full-size tractors.

Founded in 1837, the company headquarters is located in Moline, Illinois on 1,400 acres including a pavilion that showcases new and classic tractors from over 170 years of history.

John Deere produces a wide range of tractors for different types of farmers from small hobby farmers to large commercial farmers with a focus on sustainability, easy-to-use technology, and great customer support. John Deere is an enduring brand with well over 100 years of history so farmers can trust it will be around for many years to provide parts and support to keep their tractors running.

John Deere won the top rank of all tractor brands for “Overall Loyalty” in 2021 from the Progressive Farmer Reader Insights survey of over 2,000 farmers. It also won the top spot for Most Durable Full Size Tractor. John Deere also won the 2022 Tractor of the Year for the 7R 350 AutoPowr as voted on by a panel of European journalists.

John Deere tractor models include:

  • 1 Series (Compact)
  • 5M Series (Utility)
  • 7 Series (Row Crop)
  • 9R 440 (4-Wheel Drive)

2. Kubota

Kubota tractor
Kubota is a Japanese brand that is most well known for high-quality and durable compact tractors. It has a US headquarters in Grapevine, Texas, and over 1,100 authorized dealerships in the United States.

Kubota is known for quality engines and is the world’s largest manufacturer of multi-cylinder non-automotive diesel engines under 100 horsepower.

In 2021, Kubota won the highest ranking of all tractor brands for “Overall Durability” and “Overall Customer Experience” in the Progressive Farmer Reader Insights survey. It was also named the Most Durable Compact Tractor.

Kubota tractor models include:

  • BX Series (Sub-Compact)
  • LX Series (Compact)
  • MX Series (Utility)
  • M7 Series, M8 Series (Agriculture)

3. New Holland

New Holland tractor

New Holland was started in Pennsylvania in 1895 and later acquired by Ford and then Fiat. Today it is part of CNH Global. They produce several different models of tractors that range from compact tractors to large 4WD tractors.

The US headquarters is located in New Holland, Pennsylvania where they have a 700,000 square foot factory with about 600 employees.

New Holland is a leader in clean energy tractors with the world’s first 100% methane-powered tractor that uses biomethane from a farm’s biodigester. They have been awarded the 2022 Sustainable Tractor of the Year for the New Holland T6 Methane Power by a panel of European agricultural journalists.

New Holland tractor models include:

  • T5 Series
  • T6 Series
  • T7 Series
  • T9 Series

4. Case IH

Case IH tractor

Case IH started in 1842 in Racine, Wisconsin, and today is a leading manufacturer of tractors that focus on power and fuel efficiency. They are leaders in precision farming technology since 1995 when they launched their first Advanced Farming System (AFS) which helps operators to control their equipment more accurately and reduce costs.

They offer a wide range of tractors from compact to high horsepower tractors. Case IH is part of the global CNH Industrial company since 1999 when it merged with New Holland Agriculture.

Case IH has won the award for “Most Influential Brand” at the 2018 China International Agriculture Machinery Exhibition, beating out 23 other agriculture brands.

Case IH tractor models include:

  • Maxxum series
  • Magnum
  • Puma Series
  • Steiger Series

5. Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson tractor

Massey Ferguson is an American tractor brand launched in 1957 with the Triple Triangle logo that has become one of the most iconic and well-recognized logos in the farming industry.

Massey Ferguson is a global leader in tractor sales, with models ranging from sub-compact to high-horsepower tractors. Their largest tractors in the 8700 series are efficient and lightweight – up to 4 tons lighter than other tractors in their class.

In 2022, the Massey Ferguson 8S model was recognized by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers for its innovation and engineering advancement.

Their stated goal is to make operations easier and more profitable for farmers.

Massey Ferguson tractor models include:

  • MF 2800 E
  • MF 4700
  • MF 6700
  • MF 8700 S

6. Mahindra

Mahindra 8000 tractor

Mahindra is an Indian corporation that sells the most tractors in the world and makes about 300,000 tractors per year. They employ thousands of people in the United States in 10 assembly centers and 790 dealerships.

Most Mahindra tractors available are smaller sub-compact or compact models that are often purchased for small farms. The largest model in the 9000 series goes up to 120 horsepower, much lower than some other tractor brands. Mahindra touts the reliability and durability of their tractors and they have won awards like the Japan Quality Medal in the past for the quality of their manufacturing.

Mahindra has far fewer dealer locations in the United States (790) than a company like John Deere (2,984 dealerships as of 2007) so the closest dealership may be further away than other brands which can make it harder to get service and repairs.

Mahindra tractor models include:

  • 4540
  • 6075
  • 8100
  • 9125

7. Fendt

Fendt Vario tractor

Fendt is a 80-year-old German company that pioneered the first continuously variable drive tractor in 1995. Since that time they have manufactured and sold over 250,000 Fendt Vario tractors with a continuously variable transmission. Fendt is primarily sold in Europen countries with over 30% of its sales in Germany. It has a growing presence in the United States with dealerships in most states and had 189 total dealerships in the U.S. as of 2019.

Fendt won the prestigious European award for 2020 Tractor of the Year for the 400 horsepower 942 Vario.

Fendt tractor models include:

  • 314 Vario
  • 516 Vario
  • 724 Vario
  • 942 Vario
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