Does the Audi A7 Have Retractable Side Mirrors?

Audi A7 in driveway

Does the Audi A7 have retractable side-view mirrors?

Yes, it does and it’s a fabulous feature.  The side-view mirrors on both the driver and passenger side fold in and out with a quick twist of a knob conveniently located on the car door armrest.

Before I show you the photos, an interesting story.

About a year ago I was driving my Audi A7 in busy downtown traffic stopped at a red light.

I noticed this guy to my left waving, pointing and yelling at me.

He was going bananas as if my car was on fire.

I rolled down my window to find out what was wrong.

He pointed madly at my side-view mirror and said it was folded in and that I should retract it outward.

Yikes, I thought to myself.  All that drama for a folded-in side-view mirror. It’s nice of people to alert you to problems with your car like smoke, flat tire or a wallet left on the roof (I’ve done that) but in this case the problem did not warrant the alarm.

Photos of the side-view mirrors out and folded in:

Audi A7 with mirror folded out

Audi A7 side-view mirror folded in

Here’s a photo of the knob you turn to fold them in and out:

Audi A7 switch to fold in side-view mirrors

Are retractable side-view mirrors worth getting?

I wouldn’t pay extra for it, but they do come in handy mostly in parking garages.  I happen to park in a parking garage for work so it comes in handy daily especially when I end up in a parking spot next to a post or support column.  In fact, I once crashed my car into one of those columns backing out of a spot so I know they can be treacherous.

Don’t forget to retract them out once out of your tight spot

I’ve forgotten on several occasions to retract the mirrors back out once on the road or out of my tight spot.  While not a huge deal, sometimes when you need your side-view mirror, you really need it.


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