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10 Gift Ideas for Mechanics (Under $20, $50, $100 and $200)

Mechanic working on car in garage.

I used to own a Volvo 850. It was a great car. I was particular about its upkeep so I took it to a mechanic who worked only on Volvos. He was a huge Volvo fan and knew everything about them. His hourly rates were good too.

He kept my car going past 360,000 Km, which was really awesome and saved me a ton of money. Mechanics like him are great to have. While these days we take our vehicles to the dealerships where we bought them, if ever I tire of the corporate car repair place, I’ll seek out a great mechanic.

Speaking of which, I know a very sought-after mechanic who not only owns his own shop but gets hired by racing teams to help prepare their cars for races. Talk about mad skills. I’d take my car to him but it’s too far away. Besides, he specializes in high-performance vehicles. Moreover, I lease my car which requires I get it repaired at the place where I lease it from.

At the end of the day, whether you have a family member or friend who is a mechanic, why not get a mechanic-relevant gift. If you have a great mechanic who helps with your vehicle, buy them a gift now and then. They’ll appreciate it.

Here’s a list of great gift ideas for mechanics.

Gifts Under $20

1. Mechanic’s Hand Cleaning Lotion

GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Industrial Hand Cleaner, 1 Gallon Quick Acting Lotion Hand Cleaner with Pumice Pump Bottle – 0955-04

GOJO’s Natural Orange Pumice Quick Acting Industrial Hand Cleaner represents a quick-acting, cleaning lotion that is presented in a 1-Gallon pump bottle. This lotion contains pumice-scrubbing particles that have the ability to clean a broad range of industrial soils, dirt, as well as grease off of a mechanic’s hands. Not only this, but this quick cleaning lotion is a USDA BioPreffered product that contains renewable, biological ingredients.

This product is listed as one of the best gift ideas for mechanics because it allows them to keep their hands clean while also smelling clean since this quick-acting hand cleaning lotion contains an orange-citrus scent. Additionally, this product also comes in a 1-gallon pump bottle, which gives the mechanic long-lasting use of the cleansing lotion.

2. Nut and Bolt Tool Tray

Performance Tool W1265 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Parts Tray | 5.5''L x 9.5"W x 1.125'' Deep Magnetic Screws Tools Parts Holder

This Large Magnetic Nut and Bolt Tray keeps small metal parts and tools from getting lost since it contains 2 strong double magnets at the bottom of the tray. Not only this, but this product also represents a stainless steel construction as well as a durable rubber coating that prevents scratching of other surfaces from occurring.

Furthermore, this nut and bolt tray’s dimensions are 9.5 inches by 5.5 inches, allowing for multiple tools, nuts, and bolts to fit inside.

A nut and bolt tool tray is listed as one of the best gift ideas for mechanics because it allows them to conveniently keep their tools as well as their small parts altogether in one place, which essentially prevents them from getting lost. In addition to this, this nut and bolt tool tray can be used horizontally, vertically, as well as upside-down.

3. Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

SE 30" Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tools with 15-lb. Pull Capacity (2-Pack) - 8036TM-NEW-2

The 30-inch Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool presents any mechanic with the convenience of being able to pick up any tool up to 15 pounds. The magnetic pick-up tool is made of stainless steel and has the ability to extend its length up to 30 inches, while also collapsing into a 7-inch tool.

Not only this, but this product also comes in a two-pack, so the mechanic can have one in their garage at work and one at home. Furthermore, this pick-up tool contains a black cushion grip handle, that allows for comfortable handling.

This product is great for mechanics because bolts, nuts, and tools that are required to finish the job are constantly falling through parts of the engine under the hood, and they’re difficult to pick back up. So the magnetic pick-up tool allows for the mechanic to easily retrieve these tools back where they are needed.

4. Creeper Seat

Pro-Lift C-2036D Grey 36" Z-Creeper Seat

The Pro-lift Grey Z-Creeper seat easily converts from a creeper to a seat for a mechanic’s convenience, and this product provides a mechanic thick cushions. Not only this, but both the seat as well as the headrest are padded with vinyl material.

Additionally, this creeper seat also contains 6 swivel casters that allow for easier movement during the mechanic’s tasks. This product specifically has a weight limit capacity of 300 pounds and includes an easy retractable pin that gives the creeper the ability to transform into a seat.

A creeper seat is a great gift for a mechanic because it gives them the ability to slide under vehicles easily without harming their back. Not only this, but this creeper transforms into a seat, which is great for mechanics since it gives them the ability to sit while doing their work instead of standing the whole time.

5. Folding Survival Knife

Personalized Gifts for Badass Mechanic Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Folding Survival Knife

This Mechanic Auto Technician Engraved Folding Survival Knife presents a laser engraved rosewood handle and contains a durable bead blasted stainless steel construction. The stainless steel blade measures 3 inches and contains a partially serrated edge.

In addition to this, this survival knife also contains a thumb flip that allows the knife to be easily opened. The closed length of this product is 5 inches and the open length of this product is 8.25 inches.

This folding survival knife is a great gift for a mechanic because they’re always in need of a knife, whether it’s at work or for doing other things at home. This product specifically is great for mechanics because it contains a practical nylon pouch with a belt loop, so the knife can be easily accessed on the mechanic’s belt anytime and anywhere.

6. Magnetic Fender Cover Mat Pad

RUPSE Automotive Mechanic Magnetic Fender Cover Mat Pad Set 3pcs

RUPSE Automotive Mechanic Magnetic Fender Cover Mat Pad provides mechanics the protection that the front portion of a car needs while they are working under the hood. This fender cover contains a waterproof synthetic leather material that is both durable and washable.

In addition to this, this fender cover also contains a non-slip synthetic leather seat cover that is also easy to clean. This product includes strong magnets and hooks that allow for the mechanic to easily assemble the fender cover onto the car that they’re working on.

A fender cover is a great gift for mechanics because these covers provide the protection that the car needs from the tools and products that the mechanic is using to repair the car they’re working on.

Gifts Under $100

7. Car Care Kit

Car Care Kit

Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit includes 12 premium products that are known for their ability to clean, shine, and protect the paint on any type of vehicle. Not only this, but the products included in this kit are also responsible for cleaning and protecting the car’s interior, wheels, bumpers, etc.

This car kit includes specific products, such as Gold Class Car Wash, Gold Class Carnauba Plus Liquid Wax, Endurance Tire Gel, Clay Bars, and Quik Detailer. Moreover, this kit also contains ScratchX 2.0, Quik Interior Detailer, as well as PlasX Clear Plastic Cleaner and Polish.

This complete car care kit is a great gift for a mechanic because it gives them the ability to clean their customer’s car after they’ve done any work on it. More specifically, if the mechanic made the car dirty or scratched it in the process of repairing it, this car care kit contains the products needed to repair the customer’s car. The mechanic is also able to use these products in their own car if they wish.

8. Mechanic’s Insulated Coverall

Mechanic’s Insulated Coverall

Berne Men’s Deluxe Insulated Coverall presents a mechanic with material that’s made from 100% other fibers and is imported. In addition to this, the insulated coverall can be machine washed and contains a bi-swing action back that provides the mechanic with extra comfort.

Furthermore, this product also contains a heavy-duty leg zipper as well as heavy-duty nylon that provides the mechanic with a coverall suit that contains durable material.

This insulated coverall is a great gift for mechanics because they are required to wear a protective suit that not only prevents their personal clothing from being ruined, but it also prevents the mechanic from obtaining any injuries while on the job. This product’s price changes according to the size of the coverall that’s ordered.

Gifts Under $200

9. Tool Kit Set

DEWALT Mechanics Tools Kit and Socket Set, 168-Piece (DWMT73803)

The DeWalt Mechanics Tool Kit Set presents a one-piece set that includes tools that are specifically designed for mechanics, including sockets, wrenches, hex keys, and more. This kit includes a 72-Tooth gear system for jobs that require high torque ratcheting.

Not only this, but this kit also includes a low-profile lever that helps reduce catch points, and it’s great for one-hand operation. Furthermore, this kit also contains a removable accessory case if needed.

This tool kit set is great for mechanics because they’re always in need of tools since they use them on a regular basis. And this kit gives any mechanic the proper diversity of tools that are needed to complete any typical job. Not only this, but this specific tool kit is great for mechanics because it only weighs 23 pounds, which gives them the ability to transport the toolset easily.

10. Roller Cart Tool Storage Chest Box

Roller Cart Tool Cabinet Storage Chest Box Glossy Black 4 Drawer 580 Lb. Capacity by US General

This Roller Cart Tool Storage Chest Box presents a black finish as well as 4 drawers. There is a glossy black powder finish on the product that prevents the product from rusting. The 4 drawers that are included in this product measure 14.5 inches deep and they all contain strong detents that secure the drawers into place tightly.

The drawers can also support up to 70 pounds of pressure in each one, and there are also screwdriver slots included that are built into the inner frame of the cart.

This product is great for mechanics because it contains 4 smooth-rolling swivel casters that offer the mechanic easy maneuverability around their workspace.

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