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How Many Suitcases Fit Into An Audi A4?

How Many Suitcases Fit Into An Audi A4?


The Audi A4 is an elegant compact luxury sedan (or saloon outside of the US). The A4 has been in direct competition with the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes C class since it’s release 30 years ago.

With the strong performance of the Alfa Romeo Gulia, the Jaguar XE, and the Lexus IS, Audi has been forced to rise to the occasion and make some adjustments to the A4. The compact luxury car market is full of strong competition, and Audi can’t afford to become merely mediocre.

The Audi A4 has managed to keep itself on most lists for the best compact luxury car for several years. The updates Audi has made to the A4 for the new model year will help keep Audi on those lists. But are the changes enough to help them stand out from the competition, or will it fade into the middle of the pack, and remain an old standard that is dependable, but boring.

One of the most important considerations in any car is space. Even if you have opted for a compact car, you still have to make the occasional grocery run or haul around your kid’s sports equipment. Even a compact car should take daily use into consideration, and in the past, this has been one area that the A4 has fallen short in.

Updates For The 2021 Model Year

Audi has given the A4 a facelift to keep it modern and bring into the new decade. The nose has been changed, and the head and tail lights have been updated as well.

It retains its streamlined slightly sporty look, all trim levels come standard with an infotainment screen, which is loaded with the Audi Virtual Cockpit. The virtual cockpit can be personalized to make your driving experience easier. The A4 has a built-in navigation system that does not suffer from lag time, making it easier to use than some other internal navigations systems with slower processors

The interior remains true to Audi’s dedication to an elegant experience, the air conditioner is designed to gently diffuse the air around the cabin instead of blasting you in the eyes with arctic air. Features such as automatic sunroofs have become standard.

Other standard features include heated front row seats, 3 zone climate control, and ambient lighting in the interior. Audi has also raised its game by adding hybrid engines to the A4 increasing its fuel economy.

A look at the interior of an Audi A4.

One complaint about the Audi A4 has been the lack of trunk room and the cramped quarters in the back seat. Has Audi addressed this also? Even in an entry-level luxury car like the Audi A4 you want the ride to feel luxurious to people in every part of the car.

In previous model years, the rear seats were not comfortable for anyone approaching 6 feet tall. Forget about packing for several people for a long weekend. The trunk space was small and cramped and would force you to pack light.

With all the other updates made to the interior and exterior, has Audi addressed the trunk issue. For many buyers who would otherwise be drawn in by the technology in the car, a small trunk could be what makes them walk away to consider the Mercedes C Class.

How Many Suitcases Fit Into An Audi A4

If you are a tall person forced to ride in one of the 3 back seat positions, you will definitely feel a difference. The interior has been expanded enough to allow passengers over 6 feet tall to feel more comfortable.

It has been transformed from your standard compact car to a more luxurious experience for the people in the back seat. The entire car offers passengers a fair amount of headroom. In fact, the Audi A4 offers more headroom than the Jaguar XE. Three adults in the backseat for a long period of time will start to feel squeezed. For traveling with children however the amount of room in the rear seat is perfect.

The trunk has also been expanded. Although the A4 sedan does not offer as much space as the hatchback, it fits substantially more than previous model years. The trunk is 480 liters, and if you have no rear passengers, you can expand the amount of storage room you have by folding down the rear seats.

A man putting bags in the trunk of the car.

Folding rear seats are standard features in all trim levels of the Audi A4. While the seats fold down, they do not lie flat. While slightly annoying, this is typical of sedans with folding rear seats.

Now for the ultimate question. How many suitcases can you fit into the trunk of the Audi A4? With the new roomier interior, you can easily fit 5 large suitcases in the trunk. If you load them on their sides you will still have room to slide in computer bags. The trunk is also equipped with extra pockets to stash any incidentals.

Is an Audi A4 Worth It

With the changes that have been made to bring the A4 up to the level of the competition, it remains a reliable standard in the world of compact luxury cars, and even stands out in terms of space and finishes.

The Audi A4 is especially appealing if you enjoy gadgets since even the lowest trim level is equipped with updated technology. With the extra room for luggage in the trunk, the A4 makes a good compact family car.

The Audi A4 may not be as sporty or flashy as some of the other cars in its class, but it offers dependability and smooth driving experience. If you are just dipping your toe into the pool of luxury cars the Audi A4 is a good place to start. It’s starting price is within reach and it eases you into the luxury car market.

Thinking maybe the A4 isn’t quite big enough for you? Consider moving on up to the A7. You can learn more about the Audi A7 here.