6 Longest Racetracks in the World

Nürburgring racetrack
The Nürburgring is one of the most notorious tracks throughout the history of motorsport.

The distance of a motorsport race is influenced by two factors; the duration and track length. See, during an endurance race, the number of miles is determined by how fast the drivers go. However, during a lap event, the track itself determines the overall distance. In this article, we want to look at the length of specific circuits rather than the distance of particular races.

To talk about the longest tracks in the world can be tricky because there are many tracks globally.

Many of them are not associated with the major racing associations. So, this will not be a numbered or ordered list. Instead, we will be discussing some of the longest tracks in the world. So, let’s jump straight into it; here are the longest race tracks in the world.

Pescara Circuit: F1

Length: 16.032 mi (25.8 km)
Turns: 60
Surface: Asphalt
Country: Italy
Years active: 1924 – 1961

No article of this nature will be complete without including the Pescara circuit. The racetrack comes in at a whopping 16.032 mi (25.8 km). When you look at the current track lengths in racing, it almost seems absurd, and perhaps that is why it hasn’t been used in F1 since 1957. The track hosted a few other events apart from F1. However, its final event was held in 1961.

Not only will this track be remembered as one of the longest, but it is also one of the most intimidating tracks in motor racing history. The narrow streets, long straights, and fast corners were not ideal for one of the most dangerous sports, racing.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps: F1

Length: 4.352 mi (7.004 km)
Turns: 20
Country: Belgium
Years active: 1921 – present

The Belgium Grand Prix is spectacular. The track is exciting, with many fast corners combined with some hairpins that test every driver’s capabilities. Watching a great like Verstappen explain the circuit while driving is refreshing, to say the least.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
An aerial view of the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Stavelot Belgium.

That said, the Belgian Grand Prix was home to one of motorsport’s most recent tragedies, with the passing of Anthoine Hubert during an F2 event.

While this track may not be one of the longest in the world, it is currently the longest track in the F1 calendar. It is over a kilometer longer than Silverstone but not as fast.


Length: Currently up to 12.9m (20.7km)
Turns: Up to 154
Country: Germany
Years active: 1925 – present

One of the most notorious tracks throughout the history of motorsport, the Nürburgring is home to some of racing’s finest events, such as the 24-hour race. The circuit has hosted a few F1 races as well. The length of the track depends on which event is taking place. It can be anything from 4 miles to 12.9 miles. It all depends on what iteration of the track is used during an event.

One of the most famous events on this track is the Nürburgring 24-hour race. It consists of GT cars and touring vehicles. The drivers are changed at scheduled intervals so that they don’t fall asleep while driving. It is a pure test of endurance, especially when you consider the concentration needed for the Nürburgring.

The Nürburgring is also used to test new vehicles to see how well they can handle some of the most rigorous tests that manufacturers can think of. Many drivers also put their skills to the test on this track. It is truly an icon in the racing world and shall remain so for a very long time to come.

Although this track may seem long, when it comes to the Grand Prix, it is relatively short when compared with most other F1 tracks.

TT Isle of Man

Length: 37.73 mi (60.72km)
Turns: 219
Country: Crown dependency of the UK
Years active: 1907 – present
TT Rewind: 2015 Superbike TT

Another iconic circuit on this list is the TT Isle of Man. However, when you look at how long the track is at 37.73 miles, you might be wondering why we aren’t calling it the longest track in the world. Well, it is less of a track and more of an island. See, the circuit runs through and around the island.

The TT Isle of Man is home to one of the world’s most grueling and challenging races. There have been 255 recorded deaths since the first event in 1907. Although intimidated by the circuit, many drivers brave it not only for bragging rights but also to challenge themselves to something completely different.

This track is not for the faint of heart. Many of the fatalities occur during practices and races. The sharp turns, narrow roads, and lengthy straights make it one of the scariest tracks to ride on and one of the most fascinating tracks to watch.

Silverstone: MotoGP

Length: 3.661 mi (5.891 km)
Turns: 18
Country: England
Years active: 1950 – present
Official website: Silverstone UK

It is important to remember that by longest track, we mean in the MotoGP calendar. This is because we want to keep this list versatile. Look, it doesn’t matter if you are sitting in the stands or the comfort of your own home; when you see superbikes go round fast corners in this track, your adrenaline is bound to stop pumping.

silverstone circuit
Aerial photograph of the Silverstone Circuit.

Silverstone is one of the fastest tracks in the world. This is due to its layout. While going around corners at top speed is impressive in a car, seeing superbikes do it is completely different. Trust me, Silverstone will always hold a special place in any motorsport enthusiast’s heart.

Jeddah Street Circuit

Length: 3.836 mi (6.175 km)
Turns: 27
Country: Saudi Arabia
Years Active: 2021 – Present

And finally, we have the Jeddah Street Circuit. It is the most recent addition to the F1 calendar. Also, in terms of construction, this is the newest track on our list. The circuit comes in at 3.8 miles long. At first glance, it may seem like a track with extremely long straights. Upon closer inspection, you can see just how those straights are strategically broken up with small turns followed by hairpins.

The track is surrounded by skyscrapers on one side and the beautiful blue ocean on the other. I am looking forward to seeing more races on this track simply because of the layout and its beauty.

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