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16 of the Best Online Auto Parts Stores

16 of the Best Online Auto Parts Stores


The auto parts industry is a $58 billion industry that experiences a single digit growth per year. But the online retailers for auto parts posted a 16 percent growth from 2016 when it accounted for $8.89 billion of the market share.

The industry’s top retailers are AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, and O’Reilly Auto Parts with their main types of customers divided between the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) and the “Do It For Me” (DIFM). While the brick-and-mortar stores have the upper hand when it comes to a solid network of professional DIFM providers and by upselling various warranties on store aftermarket parts, the online auto parts stores, namely Amazon, have targeted the DIY customers with aggressive pricing and even same-day delivery.

This doesn’t bode well for the traditional retailers which have taken a hit on their DIY customers. There are also other online auto parts stores that are closing in on the market and taking a bigger share on the market piece. We listed down the top ones below.

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List of Online Auto Parts Stores

1. eBay: Most people think of eBay as a place for bidding on items. They are also among the online auto parts stores. If you know the part that you need, simply type it into the search bar at the top of the homepage. Search for the product category if you are not sure, or even find cars being parted out.

Some of the sellers are parts distributors. Reviews are available from previous customers and some offer an opportunity to contact the seller with questions. On many of the products, the shipping is free. The price is fair in comparison to larger suppliers. You may even have an opportunity to barter, make an offer, or even trade. The shipping of any item is tracked and eBay guarantees your privacy and purchase with a money back guarantee.

2. has several warehouses across the country allowing them to house in stock items for various makes and models. Their website offers online customer support 24 hours per day through live chat or their toll-free number.

You can search for the specific part or by category or get help from a salesperson in the convenience of your own home. Once you search for the part you will have an opportunity to compare with others to get the best price. All orders can be tracked and canceled at any time. There is a return policy within the first 30 days, but there are specific instructions regarding the condition prior to acceptance of the return request.

3. NAPA Auto Parts: NAPA Auto Parts has been around since 1925. They are not only local parts distributor but also maintain an online presence. Auto parts can be shipped to any mainland U.S. address for a flat rate of $7.95, within two to five days. Parts shipped to an APO or FPO have a flat rate of $14.95 and can take up to three weeks. Items shipped by U.S. Post office cannot be tracked but are tracked if UPS is utilized. Items can be searched for by keyword or specific information. The website also has a DIY tutorial section for simple repairs and replacements, like replacing wiper blades or headlights.

4. US Auto Parts continuously replenishes their stock to ensure, as much as possible, that the variety of parts are available to the consumer. Items are shipped within two to seven days after the order is confirmed, which takes 24-48 hours. An overnight request is available. Online live chat is available for questions and orders can be tracked through the website. Items can be searched for by keyword or item number. There is a return policy that can be completed within 21 days after receipt.

5. Parts Geek: Parts Geek has served as a discount auto parts company since 2008. Most items are shipped within three to seven business days and can be tracked. Items can be found through hyperlinks under the part name, category, or make and model. Orders cannot be canceled because they are often packaged within an hour after the order is confirmed. They guarantee that prices are 80 percent below competitors. They offer over ten million parts in stock.

6. Auto Parts Warehouse: Auto parts warehouse has been around since 1995 and boasts of two million new visitors every month. They offer a price match guarantee and free shipping for orders over $50 with five percent back in an APW rewards program. Items can be searched for by make, model, category, or item keyword. Information about the item, pictures and videos are available on the site.

7. Rock Auto Parts: Rock Auto Parts is a family owned auto parts store opened in 1999. They offer an extensive variety of parts, including vintage hard to find pieces. They offer flexible payment options including payment by mail. Parts can be searched by item number, specific information, or category, including make and model.

Orders can be tracked by email, phone number, or order number. Specific instructions for returns are provided through the consumer account information. Warranty replacement claims instructions are available. Any questions can be answered through email.

8. Amazon has connections to almost every industry including online auto parts stores. Parts can be searched by category or with specific or general keywords in the Automotive parts and accessories menu. Reviews of parts and suppliers are available for all Amazon products.

In addition, Amazon offers a personalized section called “My Garage”. You can find parts to any vehicle that you save to this category. You can also schedule maintenance services for your vehicle. Once you load the year, make, and model of your vehicle corresponding parts will automatically populate from the parts and accessories request button on the screen. These parts are general maintenance items, but all are specific to the car you designate.

9. JC Whitney: JC Whitney began almost 100 years ago. They provide parts for interior and exterior sections of your vehicle. They pride themselves on making the purchase process as convenient as possible. Their return policy is based on your satisfaction with the product. An exchange or a full refund will be given without additional fees for the return. There are some items that cannot be returned within the 30-day window.

Their large warehouse ensures availability to more than one million parts to fit almost every vehicle. Customer service and sales agents are also accessible to assist customers with questions they may have. Small to medium shipments are received within three to five days free of charge. Larger items may have a surcharge due to the specialty shipping or truck freight that may be required. Most items have an overnight shipping or two-day express shipping option.

10. AutoZone: AutoZone is not only a local provider of auto parts and simple maintenance but has an online presence as well. Have your items shipped directly to you or to the store for pick up. Any orders over $35 have free shipping and in many cases same day pick up can be acquired at the store location.

The website offers DIY menus that include videos and tutorials on simple maintenance and repair. There are also educational sections for troubleshooting certain indicators that your car may exhibit. If you are not willing to purchase a tool for one-time installation, consider their loan a tool section to conveniently rent and return it.

11. Auto Parts Cheaper: Auto Parts Cheaper has maintained a promise of providing parts that are authentic and not replicated versions of the parts to offer a cheaper price since 2006. The owner, James, still comes to work daily and is available to assist with any questions, in addition to a dedicated staff.

In a large warehouse is stored the most common parts found at dealerships that are difficult to find. Easy to find parts like brake pads and air filters. Housing a limited category of items ensures that the items are in stock and can be shipped within the same day it is ordered. Warehousing in this way lowers the need to backorder or delay shipment of items needed by the consumer.

12. CariD: CariD guarantees the correct fit by utilizing in-house experts to assist consumers with purchases. Their easy return policy makes it simple to send back almost any item if you are not satisfied for refund or exchange. CariD also provides parts for motorcycles, boats, RV’s, etc. They offer a price match guarantee and standard shipping rates based on the price of the order.

13. Advance Auto Parts: Advance Auto Parts supplies private consumers and commercial. The Advance store story began in 1929 with a store to provide spare parts and accessories to consumers. Items can be searched for with a keyword or by category. A tutorial section is available along with advice. There is also a rewards program and more than 1,000 locations that offer accessibility of an in-person expert.

14. O’Reilly Auto Parts: O’Reilly Auto Parts has provided auto parts since 1957 and has expanded to more than 5,000 locations nationwide. Free shipping on orders over $35 and free shipping for any in-store pick up to comprise a policy of consumer convenience. Items can be searched for by keyword or category. DIY tutorials are available on the website. Unopened or uninstalled items can be returned to any location without time limit as long, accompanied by the original receipt.

15. Car Part: Car Part is one of the easiest ways to search for recycled parts. This family-owned company expanded its reach to include repair shops and other recyclers. Online chat is available to assist the consumer and the parts can be sorted by category to streamline the search process and to provide access to the best quality and price. The consumer is put in contact with the seller and the terms are agreed upon between the two including guarantees, price, and warranty.

16. 1A Auto Parts: 1A Auto Parts is a family owned parts store that ships part the day it is ordered. Shipping is free. Your order should arrive within three to five days. Rush shipping options are available. They offer a DIY tutorial along with videos. Orders can be tracked on the website. Customer service is available via online chat or by phone. Items can be searched for on the site by keyword or make and model of vehicle.