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11 Types Of Limos Explained (With Photos)

11 Types Of Limos Explained (With Photos)

The vehicles we use for transportation for special occasions have always been a symbol of status and opulence with the intention to impress. No other vehicle makes this statement better than a limousine or limo. These vehicles have become iconic for transporting the rich and famous and for use by everyday people for special occasions.

Limousines, or limos, are the epitome of comfort and style for road travel. Some are used to make a statement of importance or wealth, while others are practical and elegant without attracting attention. Anyone can have the limousine experience by hiring them for special occasions and functions.

Limousines come in a variety of shapes, styles, and makes of cars. We will take a quick drive down limousine lane to discover the available limo types.

Different Types Of Limousines
Even if you have never seen a limo in person or taken a ride in one, you probably know what a limousine looks like, thanks to movies and the media. You may not be aware of the different types of limos available, and the variety may surprise you.

Most of us associate a limo with the iconic stretch limousine that delivers celebrities to red-carpet events, but other limos give a more subtle, quiet luxury, and some take the limo design to extremes!

The following characteristics are what define most limousines:

1. Size
Limos vary in size but are typically larger than most standard road cars.
Long wheelbase. Some limos can look like a large sedan, but generally, all limos have a longer wheelbase than most other standard cars.

2. Chauffeur driven
Most limousines are used by businessmen, celebrities, politicians, important people, and the wealthy that do not drive themselves but employ a chauffeur to drive the limo. There is often a partition between the driver and the passengers to afford privacy to those transported in the back of the limo.

3. Luxury
The inside of the limo has extra space for the passengers to make the ride more comfortable and to offer conveniences such as drinks and special lighting. Business people like to use limos to transport them around the city because the extra space allows them to work or conduct meetings in the car while they travel.

The limousine concept began with the town car, or Coupe de Ville, a car designed for the wealthy. The driver part of the car was open, and the passenger compartment was enclosed.

Subsequently, the driver compartment was enclosed, but the partition between the driver and the passengers remained.

The partition between the people and the chauffeur is usually made from glass with a sliding panel that can be opened to facilitate communication with the driver. Larger limousines may have an internal comms system to enable communication with the driver.

Normal people who do not typically use limousines for their everyday transport can still experience this luxury by hiring a limo for special occasions. Limousine services will hire their limos out for events such as weddings, funerals, proms, or similar special events.

1. Sedan Limo

sedan limo

The sedan limo looks very similar to standard sedans but is larger than standard sedans, providing more leg room for passengers in the back seats.

The advantage of the sedan limo is that they are more maneuverable and nimble on city streets and when parking is needed outside buildings.

These limos are usually the most cost-effective limos to hire and purchase but provide greater comfort and convenience compared to standard cars.

These benefits of the sedan limo make them the limo of choice for many business executives needing to travel around the city in comfort and style. The sedan limo portrays the image required by these executives, but without the inconvenience of larger limos that are limited by narrow streets and limited parking options.

Businessmen that travel from city to city often hire sedan limos to pick them up at the airport and drive them to their various business appointments. The chauffeur is usually included in the hire of the limo.

Some companies purchase sedan limos to transport their executives or visiting executives to their company offices.

Sedan limos are typically intended for 3 to 4 passengers.

2. SUV Limo

Ford Excursion limo

A Ford Excursion limousine

SUV limos are SUVs that have been converted into limousines and are typically larger than sedan limos.

SUV limos have more headroom, and passengers generally step up to get into these limos rather than down, making it more convenient for ladies wearing elaborate dresses to enter and exit these vehicles.

This reason makes SUV limos popular for weddings and prom nights, where the ladies wear elaborate and sometimes large gowns.

SUV limos typically have more packing space in the back for luggage and kid’s strollers, making them more popular for families.

These SUV limos typically include a full bar and multimedia system for entertainment while you travel. SUV limos are preferred over sedan limos for longer-distance transportation due to the comfort of more legroom and more space for luggage.

3. Limousine Bus

The limousine bus is also known as a party bus because they are often hired for party events, such as bachelor or bachelorette parties.

The limo bus comes in a range of sizes, from minibus sizes to full luxury bus sizes, allowing people to hire the size bus that best suits the number of guests that will be accommodated.

The interior of the limo bus is usually stripped completely and outfitted with plush limousine-style features that provide comfort, convenience, and luxury.

The limousine bus is not usually associated with politicians or business executives but is generally used exclusively for party events.

A limo bus or party bus is a safe and convenient method to transport your guests to and from a party venue or travel from venue to venue. Your guests will not run the risks associated with drinking and driving and can let their hair down and enjoy the party.

Limousine buses typically include TVs, quality sound systems, full bars, and subtle lighting for ambiance. The number of passengers these limos can accommodate depends on the size of the vehicle but can range from 10 to 50 people.

Some larger bus limos even feature hardwood floors for dancing and private VIP rooms. The main attractions of this limo style are the ability to walk around, mingle with other guests, and stretch out your legs.

4. Stretch Limousine

stretch limo

Stretch limousines are the iconic limousine style that typically comes to mind when these vehicles are mentioned. They are certainly an eye-catching sight on city streets as they drive by with their stately air of luxury and opulence.

Stretch limos are so named because they are standard cars that have been stretched to accommodate more people and the luxury amenities expected inside these cars.

The stretch is achieved by a feat of engineering whereby the front of a car is cut off, the stretch piece welded onto the front, and the rear part of the car is then re-attached to the back end of the stretch part.

This modification increases the length of the car to a dramatic effect and produces a stretch limo. The vehicle’s safety features, such as brakes and suspension, must be modified to carry the increased weight of the vehicle.

Stretch limos are typically associated with special occasions, such as transporting VIP guests to red carpet events, weddings, and proms.

The seating inside the stretch limo generally includes seats along the back, sides, and sometimes rear-facing seats near the driver’s cab. Stretch limos generally include a built-in bar and multimedia center for the passenger’s convenience.

5. Super-Stretch Limos

super stretch limo

The super stretch limo is essentially an extra long stretch limo. These vehicles usually have all the internal amenities included in a stretch limo but have the added convenience of more space.

Super stretch limos are generally impractical and are created to make a statement or as a marketing ploy by companies for special events.

The longest super-stretch limo is named the American Dream and measures an impressive 100 feet and 1.5-inches, or 30.54 meters. This enormous limo features a swimming pool, a golf putting green, and a helipad on the roof for helicopters to land, and the car can be driven from both ends.

6. Pullman Limousine

Mercedes Pullman limo

Mercedes-Benz Maybach S 650 PULLMAN VV 222

In some countries, long-wheelbase limousines are called Pullman limousines. This is the term used to describe these limousines in German-speaking European countries.

The Pullman name comes from the sleeper railway cars built by the Pullman company for the American railroad. These railway coaches’ people-carrying capacity and luxury translated to the long-wheelbase limo.

Mercedes created limos based on the Mercedes-Benz 600 and later model S-Class, and these limos were designated as Pullman limousines.

Many heads of state use Mercedes Pullman limos which have the added status of being manufactured by the renowned German car manufacturer and lend an air of power and elegance to the motorcade.

7. Hummer Limousine

H1 hummer limo

A H1 Hummer limousine

Hummer is a model produced by the American General Motor Company, initially intended for the military as an armored SUV.

The Hummer has an imposing design that portrays strength, ruggedness, and a ready-for-anything attitude.

The Hummer has been converted into several different style limos, from SUVs to stretch limos.

The Hummer has a wider wheel track than most other road cars, which, combined with the Hummer’s rugged, offroad look, makes an impressive, eye-catching limousine.

The number of passengers that a Hummer Limousine can transport will depend on the limo style. The benefit of the width of the Hummer allows more side-by-side seating than in other limos based on standard cars.

The features in a Hummer limo will also vary based on the size of the limo but can include bar facilities and multimedia systems.

8. Convertible Limousine

Convertible limousines are for those living where the climate is conducive to driving with the top down or for VIPs who want to interact with crowds while driving with their entourage.

Convertible limos come in different limo styles and with different types of convertible rooftops. They can be sedans, SUVs, or stretch limos.

The style of convertible rooftop can also vary from a full-length convertible roof to a half or partial-length retractable roof.

In full-length convertibles, the entire roof, including the portion over the chauffeur, can be retracted to expose the entire interior of the limo to the open air.

Partial-length convertible limos have a retractable section of the roof, usually the back section of the limo, leaving the remainder of the roof in place.

Convertible limos will have the same onboard facilities as other limos in the same class, with the only difference being the convertible rooftop.

The retraction mechanism is generally electronic due to the size of the roof and can be controlled by the driver or passengers in the limo.

9. Lincoln Limo

Lincoln limo

Lincoln limos are so named because these models are based on the Lincoln model produced by the Ford motor company. Lincoln limos can be sedan limos, but they are more typically stretch limos with added feature sets.

The standout features that separate Lincoln limos from other limos are enhanced security features, the latest technology in the car’s engineering, interior finish, and upper echelon elegance and comfort.

These features have become synonymous with Lincoln limos, making them popular among VIPs, celebrities, and politicians. These are the limousines of choice where the security of the guest is of utmost importance, such as heads of state or royalty from various nations.

10. Classic Or Vintage Limo

vintage classic limo

Classic or vintage limos are limos constructed from classic, historic cars. The classic old-school design of these cars brings an elegant retro feel to the limo, making it suitable for regal occasions such as royal processions or weddings.

These vintage cars are often based on Bentleys, 1950s model Rolls Royce vintage car designs, or similarly classy old cars. Vintage limos are less of a party limo and more of a special occasion limo, making a statement of style and royal elegance.

The additional headroom in these cars makes them suitable for gentlemen and ladies that will be wearing hats or other headdresses for special occasions.

These limos may have onboard bars or drinks facilities, but the intention is rather to make a statement upon arrival at a special occasion rather than to have a party in the limo.

11. Novelty Limousines

Novelty limos are made from various cars and painted in outlandish colors to draw attention to the vehicle.

Standard cars converted into novelty limousines include the VW Beetle from Germany, the Italian Fiat Panda, the Russian Lada, the British Mini Cooper, and the French Citroen 2CV.

Some other novelty limos have been created from prestigious sports cars, such as Corvettes and Ferraris. Nothing else makes quite the same statement as arriving at a function in a Ferrari limo!


Limos are a means to make a statement when arriving at a function or for additional protection for VIPs, but they can also be practical for business people that need to travel for work.

Either way, the limo always promotes the appearance of elegance, style, and wealth, besides being a comfortable way to travel.