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Where to Buy Used Toyota Highlanders Online

Where to Buy Used Toyota Highlanders Online


As one of the most functional, stylish, and family-friendly SUVs on the market, everybody wants to get their hands on a Toyota Highlander.

This 8-passenger sporty ride has been popular for years, with even its oldest models still being pursued today. That being said, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right places to purchase a used Toyota Highlander.

To help you weed through the less-helpful websites, we’ve compiled a list of 13 websites for you to scroll through to find your perfect used Toyota Highlander.


Edmunds is a car-buying website that’s been around longer than the Internet. First started as printed booklets full of automotive information, Edmunds has adapted to the way of the world and started flourishing online.

Their website offers various helpful features, but, when it comes to finding your perfect used Toyota Highlander, their huge selection of vehicles is easily the best.

To find the SUV, all you have to do is search for Toyota Highlanders in whatever area you would like, and then Edmunds will match you with the best deals around.

From there, you can filter your search, even more, to ensure that other factors like the mileage or transmission match with what you’re looking for.

Edmunds stays getting updated constantly, so new listings are going to be popping up left and right. This website connects with car sellers of all different types, so you’re likely to come across a variety of used Toyota Highlanders in myriad years.


Though you’re probably used to hearing CarFax be associated with vehicle history reports, it is also great for finding used cars.

You’ll start by letting them know that you’re looking for a used Toyota Highlander, and then they’ll ask you if you want to see Highlanders with no accidents reported, one owner, service, and personal history.

Once you’ve selected which of those (if any, or all) you are looking for, CarFax will match you with a bunch of perfect used Highlanders.

Purchasing a Highlander through CarFax is beneficial because you have better access to CarFax history reports. Every vehicle will come with a complimentary CarFax when purchased through the site, letting you know everything you want to about your Highlander’s history.

Before buying, though, you still have access to information like accidents, owners, and service history, which is all integral to know before buying.

You can narrow down your search a bunch on CarFax, choosing which color Highlander you’re looking for, fuel type, engine type, and trim level. This way, you can get matched with your picture-perfect used Toyota Highlander.


CarGurus is a great site to find used vehicles, especially if you’ve never done it before. They compile all of the best deals in your area to help you see which dealerships–private or not–have the used Toyota Highlanders that are best for you.

While CarGurus doesn’t sell the vehicles directly, they help you weed through bad deals or too high of prices and find only the best prices depending on your budget.

CarGurus is another website that is updated constantly, so, whenever anyone puts up a used Toyota Highlander for sale, you can get a notification and have a look.

The site itself is easy to navigate, information is clear, and they even have features to help you determine how much these SUVs would cost you monthly, depending on your credit score and how much money down you’re willing to put.

No matter what kind of specifications you’re looking for–car-wise or price-wise–CarGurus will help find the ideal used Toyota Highlander for you.

A red Totoa Highlander parked by the side of the mountain road.

Source: CarGurus is a website that’s made to connect you directly with car sellers. They provide you with all of the automotive information you could need so you have the best, most comprehensive understanding of your used Toyota Highlander before you make a purchase. believes that education is key in finding your perfect match, so they guarantee that all your automotive questions will be answered.

Simply let the site know that you’re looking for used Toyota Highlanders and they will work instantly to find you the best deals within your zip code.

The site even offers options like “Home Delivery” and “Virtual Appointments” so you can see Highlanders that can be evaluated or bought straight from the comfort of your home. (Crazy, right?)

With resources to help you find the best repair shops, information on Highlanders, and even how to sell your own car, has that available for you, too. Truly, makes car shopping from home the easiest it has ever been.


TrueCar is all about research. They promise to provide you a list of used Toyota Highlanders that have been compiled through research-driven data to find only the best options out there.

Avoiding deals that are subpar and sellers that might not be reliable, TrueCar only lists the best used (and new) car dealers on the market.

They make it easier than ever to compare vehicles and compare prices directly to one another so you can easily see if you’re getting a good deal or not.

With over one million used cars to choose from, TrueCar isn’t short of high-quality options. Simply let them know that you’re looking for a used Toyota Highlander and they’ll start scanning the web for Highlanders that fit your standards.

Since we’re switching to doing practically everything online nowadays, with TrueCar, you can also get a preliminary trade-in offer on your current vehicle in the same sitting that you’re browsing for Highlanders.

All you have to do is answer a few questions and they’ll help you get a good idea as to what your car’s worth. With this, your used Highlander will only become more affordable.


Meant to match you with your dream car (or, in this case, your dream Toyota Highlander) Autolist is a comprehensive website that’s been praised by some of the biggest names in the automotive industry.

Autolist has an incredibly impressive selection of new and used vehicles of all types, and their used Toyota Highlander options are some of the best we’ve seen yet.

With Autolist, you can choose to get alerted the moment that a new used Highlander is put on the market, so you’re always up-to-date on the options you have.

With so many filters for you to sort through, finding a used Highlander that matches everything you’re looking for is almost effortless.

As you search for your used Highlander, Autolist offers real reviews about Highlanders in general so you can see what other people have had to say about similar years. This gives you a chance to see real opinions from unbiased users, helping you make your decision on your used Highlander even easier.


A close look at a white Toyota Highlander on display.

Source: CarMax

CarMax helps you not only find your ideal used Toyota Highlander, but they help you buy it, too. CarMax offers both delivery and curbside pickup to help you easily get your own Highlander right to your home without any hassle of dealerships and sellers.

Before you find your favorite used Highlander, though, CarMax helps you determine exactly what your budget is.

By letting them know how much you’re planning on putting down, what you can afford as your monthly payment, and what range your credit score is in, CarMax can estimate what your budget is for your vehicle as a whole.

This can give you a wonderful indication as to what price range you should be looking in. Then, you can search for your ideal used Toyota Highlander at a price that you know you’re totally comfortable with. How nice is that?

Plus, if for any reason you’re not a fan of your used Highlander, CarMax offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.


A maroon Toyota Highlander on the asphalt road.

Source: AutoTrader

AutoTrader understands that you’re wanting to keep most things online these days. So, they allow for you to enjoy all of the services of your typical dealership right from the comfort and safety of your own home.

All you have to do is search for the used Toyota Highlander that piques your interest the most, and then, once you think you’ve found your match, you can experience a range of online features that aren’t offered anywhere else.

AutoTrader allows for a full video walkaround of the Highlander with a dealer directly so you can see every inch of the vehicle without even being there.

You can ask the dealer any question you want about the vehicle, whether it be cosmetics, about performance, or even the price. If you’re still in love with the used Toyota Highlander, then, you can schedule a test drive at home, too. That’s right: someone will drive the car home and you can test it out for yourself.

From browsing to purchase, you can buy your used Toyota Highlander completely digitally through AutoTrader, and it’s so much easier than you’d ever imagined.


A dark gray Toyota Highlander on display.

Source: Carvana

Carvana is somewhat new to the automotive game, but they’re quickly making a name for themselves with their futuristic car-buying services. When it comes to looking for a great used Highlander, Carvana proves to be an ideal place to start browsing.

Through Carvana, you don’t have to deal with dealerships whatsoever. On the site, you can get pre-qualified for a vehicle, purchase, or even fiance your used Highlander, all while you’re at home.

As soon as you think you’ve been matched with your optimum SUV, you then have seven days to drive and test it to see if you love it. You also have the choice of either getting the vehicle delivered to your home or you can pick it up from their innovative Carvana Vending Machines.

With a selection of only the best-performing used Toyota Highlanders available, you’re bound to find the used Toyota Highlander of your dreams.

A close look at the interior of a Toyota Highlander.

Source: Carvana


ISeeCars is a great no-nonsense website that organizes the best-used cars by the deal. After you put in that you’re looking for a used Toyota Highlander, ISeeCars will show you the SUV listings in order of the best deal.

When they say the best deal, they are taking into account more than just money; they’re considering mileage, year, and upgrades, too.

Along with finding your perfect used Highlander, you can also utilize ISeeCars as a VIN lookup. VIN lookups can be integral when buying used cars, trucks, and SUVs, as you can see their history in detail.

This can be the difference between buying a flawless vehicle and buying a piece of junk, so services like these are highly valued.

With unbiased vehicle ratings and listing based on advanced analysis, you know you’re getting shown only the greatest used Highlander options in your area.

Toyota Certified

For exclusively Toyota-certified vehicles, you can turn to Toyota Certified themselves. Here, you will be shown only Toyota-certified vehicles, including more beautiful used Highlanders than you can count. This website is associated directly with Toyota manufacturers, helping you rest assured that you’re buying from only the most trustworthy dealers out there.

Buying a Toyota-certified Highlander is often the best route to take as these cannot have more than 85,000 miles and are required to have an extensive, full CARFAX history report. Along with this, models will not be more than six years old, and they’re subject to intense quality assurance inspections before being sold.

Buying from Toyota Certified is a great way to cut out unnecessary anxieties about unreliable rides. By working alongside Toyota, the deals that you find here are going to be genuine, reasonable, and reliable. You can search their huge inventory of used Toyota Highlanders with ease, as their website is clean and simple to use.

Cars for Sale

This is a new and used automotive website that helps you match with the car dealer that’s going to give you everything you want and nothing that you don’t.

Cars for Sale searches through millions of cars, trucks, and SUVs to find just what you want. In this case, they’ll be compiling lists of high-quality, high-performing used Toyota Highlanders.

The website has an impressive selection of used Toyota Highlanders in various years and trims. You can even choose to look through their selection of Hybrid Highlanders, if that’s something that appeals to you, too.

They let you know if the SUV’s mileage and the price is above or below market standard, giving you a quick comparison to others available.

Like a few other websites, Cars for Sale allows you to calculate your personal monthly payments based off of down payments and credit scores. Features like this make it clearer to see when a Highlander is out of budget or when it’s just right.


Enterprise is great for more than just renting cars: you can buy used cars, too. Enterprise’s car sales have been in business for over 50 years, continuously helping people find their perfect everyday drive.

All you have to do is search through their wide inventory of used Toyota Highlanders until you find the one that most piques your interest.

Find your dream used Highlander on Enterprise? Great, you can even purchase the vehicle online through them, too. They make the entire process a breeze, and you don’t have to deal with pesky trips to the dealership, especially during times like these.

Enterprise promises that their vehicles are low-mileage and have been carefully inspected and maintained to ensure quality and reliability.

As a company that’s been working with vehicles for so many years, Enterprise is one that you can rely on with ease.

Not to mention, Enterprises prices all of their vehicles–used Toyota Highlanders included–lower than the market price, so shopping through this handy-dandy website can save you money, too.

Picking Out Your Perfect Highlander

So, while you may have quite a few options to choose from, there are so many car-buying websites that are here to make the processes a walk in the park.

No longer does buying a used car mean dealing with frustrating dealerships and hours of paperwork. Instead, through so many of the websites above, you can have your used Toyota Highlander sent right to your own home.

Take the time to ensure that the Highlander you’re buying exceeds your standards. Check its maintenance history, its vehicle history, inspect it for damages or potential replacements, and make sure it feels great when you’re driving it.

Once you’ve found a Highlander that fulfills all of those requirements, you know you’ve found your perfect used Toyota Highlander.

For more help on finding the right SUV or right car parts for you, check out Lemon Bin’s blog.