10 Commonly Overlooked Reasons Why You Should Buy a BMW Convertible

A black BMW convertible on the road.

From the way a child stares in open-jaw, amazed at the roof folding down, to the unrivaled thrill of driving with the wind wafting your hair as the sun warms your skin, there’s something magical about convertibles.

You could argue that everything is better in the great outdoors, particularly when summer rolls around. Garden drinks taste better, a jog on the beach is more pleasant than on a treadmill, and picnic food is more delicious.

Avid bikers concur that we’ve been insulating ourselves from the visceral, real driving experience since we started putting roofs on horseless carriages in the 1920s. And, years of refinement, coupled with the ruthless focus on diminishing the levels of harshness and noise vibration with increased soundproofing material, has cloistered us in our cars, further from the outside world.

You could say that convertibles then are the last bastion of ideal driving. And, to be the proud owner of one is to experience a different type of happiness that other drivers are missing out on. So, if you’re on the quest for a BMW convertible, this article explores 10 reasons why it’s a worthwhile investment that’ll spark a smile. But first,

What Is A Convertible?

Before you jump into the driver’s seat, we’ll define what we mean by a convertible model. To automotive purists, convertibles are two-door cars with back seats, convertible coupes, and retractable fabric tops.

To add a layer of complication, a sedan with four doors, fold-down top, retractable fabric top, and a two-door coupe with a back seat is termed as a cabriolet. And a two-seater with two doors, drop-top, and no rear seat is regarded as a roadster. Throw in cars containing removable roof sections (t-tops and Targa tops) along with partially retractable roofs in the mix, and you have more ways of going topless than you’ll find in Ibiza.

Nonetheless, we’ll call any light truck, car, or SUV that can lower its roof (retractable fabric or hardtop) and back window a convertible and leave the distinctions to a grammarian.

Which BMWs Are Offered In A Convertible?

A look at the interior of a BMW convertible with modifications.

It’s no secret that BMW currently has half a dozen options, with each having its unique price tag and performance. If you’re on the quest for a BMW convertible that can comfortably accommodate four people, then the 2 Series, 6 Series, or 4 Series, is right up your alley.

Those seeking a high-performance driving experience need to keep their eyes peeled for the M6 or M4 lineup. But, if you’re craving a nimbler and smaller ride, then the two-seater Z4 Roadster is an ideal option to consider. Whether you want a sleep sports car, family car, or performance sedan, BMW has something for everyone.

10 Fascinating Reasons to Invest In A BMW Convertible

Now that you know what a convertible is in all its glory let’s delve into 10 reasons why you should buy it.

1. Freedom

Let’s face it. Nothing screams freedom more than cruising down an empty highway on a summer night or sunny Sunday afternoon. Or, along the neighboring scenic back-roads with the top down, letting the wind slap your face and blow through your hair. A motorcycle is ideal. But, if you can’t ride one, then a convertible is your best bet.

As you delight in a nice spirited drive (within the stipulated speed limit) to the beach or an easy and slow commute to work or the grocery store, you’ll get an indescribable feeling of freedom every time you drive a BMW convertible.

Even on the days when life throws you a curveball, it has a way of making you feel powerful and free on the road while others check you out in admiration, having a liberating ride.

2. Safety

The terms ‘convertible’ and ‘safety’ don’t seem like two peas in a pod. A myriad of people reinforces that safety is a concern when it comes to convertibles by sharing negatives about them. Granted, it may not be as safe as coupes or sedans. But, there’s a barrage of ways in which a BMW convertible is safer.

Modern engineering ushers in a sturdier chassis and advanced safety technologies such as the MINI’s active roller protection system. Most BMW convertibles are armed with roll bars that are in plain sight or hidden. But there are other ways that a convertible is safer than the sedans or coupes, for instance, the lack of a blind spot when the top is down.

In turn, this enhances visibility for drivers because they’re more aware of their surroundings as the car top is out the way. So, they have a better view compared to non-convertibles.

3. Emotional Well-being

Have you seen someone looking unhappy as they cruise on the highway in a convertible? We’ll go out on a limb and say never. But, this isn’t to imply that every convertible driver has the biggest ear-to-ear grin on their face. You know that behind the pair of trendy sunglasses is a pair of eyes that are smiling, particularly behind the wheel of a car as emotionally appealing as any BMW convertible.

Driving such a car that oozes elegance ushers in a type of exhilaration that’s captivating even at slower speeds. More often than not, convertible owners look for any excuse to drive these head-tuners. In a nutshell, a drive in your drop-top amplifies a bright and sunny day.

4. Noise

It’s no secret that a plethora of people typically regard added wind and road noise that comes with driving convertibles as a disadvantage. But, we look at it differently because manufacturers like BMW churn out convertibles with proper insulation for noise, not to be a concern. For starters, you’ll have a perpetual excuse not to answer calls.

Secondly, cruising on the roads with the top down eliminates the need to make idle chit chat with your passenger(s) when you prefer to focus on driving. Thirdly, with any BMW convertible, characterful exhaust notes accompany your drive.

5. Amazing Views

You can take your loved ones for an open-top drive in your BMW convertible and encourage them to get lost in the present, taking in the amazing views along the way. While these cars are not rocket science, they’re a surefire way to limit your screen time, clear your mind, and appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer.

Such drives are not only therapeutic but also activate the senses and allow you to capture and share the special moments of open-top happiness. Furthermore, you don’t need to be driving. Simply park at places that offer breath-taking views, revel in a conversation under the stars, or at sunset.

6. Responds to Your Moods and the Weather

Even on the most beautiful of days, we all experience sour moods. Driving a BMW convertible doesn’t mean that you have to drop down the top every time you leave a parking space.

You have free rein to huddle below the fabric or hardtop to preserve your sour face until you feel ready and confident to face the day. Once you cheer up, you can retract the top and share your beautiful smile with the world.

With one touch of a button, you can switch between putting the top up and retracting it depending on the weather conditions and external road. For instance, if you retract the top when driving by the beach on a warm Saturday afternoon, you can put it up if it starts raining suddenly.

7. Unlimited Headroom

You’re on the road casually driving around until an authentic Tiki totem 10-foot pole that would be a perfect addition to your backyard catches your eye. And it’s only $15. But, here comes the problem. Your sedan’s trunk can barely accommodate a golf bag, and the Tiki gift stand is soon going out business. If you were driving a BMW convertible, that bad boy would be in your patio as we speak. And, what a wonderful ride it would be cruising down the highway back home.

8. Provides Entry Options

Most of us are curious about trying out the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ entry if we had a BMW convertible, casually leaping through the open window into the driver’s seat. If you buy the car, you can try out these vaulting skills that your high school gym instructor emphasized. And, you’ll have a higher likelihood of getting behind the wheel without incurring any injuries.

9. Appealing Choice

Investing in a BMW convertible elevates the likelihood of becoming a popular person. So, why grab the opportunity to make a few new friends or even score a potential new date.

It also adds a cool factor, which is why convertible owners gravitate towards the modern yet classic and sporty design that these cars display. Simply bring your sunglasses along for the ride, chin up, let the sun warm you up and get ready to smile at the camera.

10. Helps Keep the Peace

Let’s face it. The chances of an unhappy couple driving around in a BMW convertible with the top retracted are slim to none. After all, arguing in a convertible can be a challenge because of the combination of noise, wind, and exposure.

Buying Guide

A white BMW convertible as part of a spring festival parade.

Before you invest in the ultimate cool BMW convertible, we’ve rounded up a few buying factors to consider that’ll steer you on the right path and permit an informed decision.

1. Insurance Costs

Regardless of the various modern developments in convertible safety technology, insurance firms are still not fully at ease, giving users the same insurance rate as they’d receive on hardtop vehicles.

Typically, you end up shelling out anywhere between $200 and $500 annually for a BMW convertible than the hardtop counterpart. Granted, this may not seem like much. But, it adds up after several years, amounting to thousands of dollars.

2. Safety Concerns

While a BMW convertible is safer now than ever, it still doesn’t measure up to the level of safety that hardtop vehicles provide. Statistics show that 30% of fatal crashes stem from rollovers. So, when you take away the top, this raises eyebrows.

Granted, the rollover bars found in convertibles can curb the occurrence of severe injuries. But, they’re not foolproof. Throw in the possibility of easily falling out during a rollover if you’re not wearing a seatbelt, and a convertible is less safe than their hardtop equivalents.

3. Maintenance

A BMW convertible demands more care than your average car, for starters, the interior. Most vehicles don’t experience what Mother Nature throws at them compared to a convertible’s interior. Typically, the interior of a car only encounters the elements upon opening and closing the doors.

Contrarily, the interiors of convertibles can feel the rushing water, roaring wind, beating sunshine, and everything in between. While convertibles have unarguably come a long way since the hit the market centuries ago, they’re still leakier than hardtops. Furthermore, there’s the issue of the roofing.

Even the most basic BMW convertible inevitably has more moving parts to deal with, particularly with a fancier mechanized roof system. So, as you shop for a convertible, bear in mind the maintenance costs that come into play to keep the car spick and span.

4. Hard vs. Soft Rooftops

Back in the day, there were limited options of rooftops compared to soft top models, and both had their pros and cons. For instance, some soft rooftops were more susceptible to wear-and-tear from the elements. Moreover, a less-than-perfect rooftop ushered in more external noise.

Removable or retractable hardtops were at times clunky and heavy and had issues with functionality. Fortunately, the advent of technology has ushered in topnotch designs without compromising on functionality on both options. But buyers need to consider the pros and cons of each purchase option.

So, if you regard a BMW convertible as a luxury investment, then hardtops are more aesthetically pleasing upon installing the roof in an upright position. But, the soft counterparts are more affordable if you’re looking to cut down on costs.

5. Fuel Economy and Engine Size

These go hand in hand. Typically, pricier models are armed with turbo-boosted power coupled with excellent performance. So, this implies more powerful and larger V8 gas-guzzling engines. Contrarily, cheaper models usually come with V6 or 4-cylinder engines that usually have superior gas mileage compared to the larger counterparts.

6. Weather

While it may seem odd, convertible owners usually overlook the local weather conditions. But, it’s one of the most crucial factors to consider when deciding on a BMW convertible. If you live in an area that experiences favorable summers, mild winters, and long autumns, then a convertible is an excellent option. But, sweltering summers and harsh winters don’t pair well with convertibles.

Moreover, consider how often it rains. If you live in an area that’s prone to occasional showers that are a frequent occurrence, then buying a BMW convertible may not be a wise choice. You may also need to worry about birds not only when you’re on the road but also anytime you park.

7. Practicality

Most BMW convertibles have limited trunk space to give the roof system more space to be neatly tucked away. If you don’t need to store anything in your trunk, then this isn’t an issue. But, if you require sufficient trunk space, cluttering the backseat won’t make up for the lack of space.

Furthermore, think about how you’d cope with loading up passengers (old and young), hauling your luggage to the airport, or even the little things such as bringing home a Christmas tree. Remember, convertibles are packed with compromises that make them more niche compared to other vehicles.

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